Wallpapers and Icons, Oh my.

Here is some neat stuff for decorating your computer.

Dragon Age 2 Wallpaper

Here's a dragon age 2 wallpaper. The sword is a Ferelden inspired design i sketched up first by hand, then on my cintiq before finally rendering it in Photoshop.

Minecraft Wallpaper

I recently started playing minecraft and it's very addictive. The sandbox approach to gaming just really strikes a chord with me. Here's a Minecraft wallpaper with the classic dirt tile at an angle.

Doctor Who Wallpaper

Been watching quite a lot of Doctor Who lately, so i made a wallpaper with the Tardis going through a time vortex!

Mass Effect Wallpaper

A wallpaper based off Shepard's awesome N7 armor in all it's 'meshy' glory. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, story and art just really came together to create a vivid world.


Marble of Doom, Beachball, Pizza Wheel, Rainbow Ball of Death, we know it all too well. Embrace the wait, keep the Champion of idleness on your desktop so you can stare directly into the abyss of unproductiveness.

Adobe CS Suite

Drawing inspiration from the old days of adobe icons where each adobe icon was a work of art, here is a new colourful take on the CS suite. Includes my most used apps.

iTunes 10

Here’s a set of replacement icons for your favorite music player. 5 colorful Styles in both round and square versions.

The Safari Set

An experimental Safari icon replacement set that explores other types of Compasses. Why settle for the standard compass for your favorite browser, when it could be so much more.

Wall-E & Eve

I recreated Wall-E and EVE from Pixars animated movie with more than 1000 layers in photoshop. Now you can have Wall-E and EVE in your dock.

Civilization 5 Wallpaper

I've always been a huge fan of Sid Meier's Civilization franchise and, like it's predecessors, Civ5 has already robbed me of many hours of sleep. So here's a wallpaper for all you Civ addicts out there.